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Let’s walk with us into HARAJUKU to check out the latest fashion in town! Harajuku is well-known for it's youth fashion and is always crowded with fashionable youngsters :)

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This would be our 5th time introducing fashionable girls in Harajuku and I hope you enjoy our snapshot this time too! smile

part 5-1.jpgのサムネイル画像

We would start off with the following dull colour fashion of Syokopi and Aya ! music


Name : Syokopi                                        Name : Aya

Age : 19                                                     Age 19


The theme colour for this time round would be black!I guess the bat and bones in Syokopi fashion might have something to do with Haloween seasonwink


Questions for Syokopi

What is the keypoint for today's fashion?

Today I am wearing 2nd hand clothes from top to bottom.★Bat printed T-shirt to match with my bone printed tights to create a haloween image! The bone printed tights is the trend among the girls now in Harajuku! Skeleton printed scarf under the cap stressing on her casual fashion.

part 5-3.jpg

What magazines are you reading recently?

It is full of Harajuku style fashion★

Fashion item that interest you recently

I am collecting studded stuff recently! Just by attaching it make my fashion look cool and rockthunder


Questions for Aya

What is the keypoint for today's fashion?

2nd hand clothes from top to bottom ! Old clothings is one of the keypoint in Harajuku fashion.

Red and black stripe top with sleeves coming out from the denim outer wear to make my autumn fashion more appealing! My cap with big googles on it is one of the keypoint for my fashion today!!eyeglass


What magazines are you reading recently?

I also read zipper.If you like Harajuku style of fashion Zipper will be the perfect reference for you lol... delicious

What are you into recently?

Fashion ! Syokopi and I are very into studded stuff recently.

By the way today we are both wearing studded bracelets !kissmark



We hereby come to an end of our autumn special edition in LAFORET HARAJUKU sad

Do let us know how you feel and if you got any ideas to help us do better next time, please leave us a comment! ★







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salutations from over the sea. excellent post I shall return for more.

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Let’s walk with us into HARAJUKU to check out the latest fashion in this town! Harajuku has been famous for its fashion in Tokyo city crowded with fashionable youngsters all these years. Walk with us into Harajuku to check out their fashion!!!

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